Mt. Laurel, NJ

Kulwinder Singh

Why did you go solar?

“To decrease my electric bill and for a better environment.” 

Why did you choose to go solar with a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)?

“I believe this was the best option for me because it’s stress free! If there’s ever any problem, there is a warranty so they will fix it for free and I save without spending a dollar.”

What would you say to homeowners who are thinking about going solar?

“I would tell them that they definitely need to make the switch ASAP! It’s a clean source of energy which helps our environment and you’ll start saving money instantly.”

Why would you recommend Better Power to others? 

“Because they are the best. Better power completed the whole project very quick, even in less time then they told me the project would take and they gave me the best package compared to the other solar companies I consulted.”

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