John Wright and Matt Stanton’s careers in the solar business began as Sales Representatives. With hard work and dedication, they quickly excelled and were promoted into positions of leadership. At the previous solar company they worked for, John served as Regional Sales Director, and Matt served as Head of Development. In that capacity, they learned a lot, and became great friends. In 2019, John and Matt decided to part ways with the company so that they could go into business together and pursue how they envision solar should be. Here is to pursuing that dream and making it a reality! 


Simply put, we are solar brokers. We work with the most affordable, top rated financiers and vendors available so that our customers can receive quality at a budget-friendly price!


We love our planet and plan to enjoy it for as long as we can! We are promoting a product that helps combat climate change and lower air pollution. Right now, our primary focus is on solar energy, but we admire renewable energy in its entirety, and can foresee ouselves becoming more than just a solar company in the future. 

Matt Stanton (left), John Wright (Right)